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Thursday, February 17, 2005
The True Moral Majority
I think it's morally wrong to let children go without health care just because their parents have made [EDIT] monetarily unwise career choices.

I think it's morally wrong for a teacher to make a child feel bad because she doesn't share the religious faith of the majority of her classmates.

I think it's morally wrong for the president to lie his way into war.

I think it's morally wrong to force a rape victim to carry her rapist's child.

I think it's morally wrong to rape and torture prisoners of war.

I think it's morally wrong to execute over 300 people on Texas's Death Row and then talk about "a culture of life"

And so do most Americans. And so does the Democratic Party. And it's time we talked about these moral values as we live them, instead of letting others define the moral agenda of our country.

Saturday, February 12, 2005
Well, that's one way of announcing it
In the New York Times, a soldier is making a big announcement.

Friday, February 11, 2005
The Look for Fall 2005: The Prepubescent Victorian
See the collections of Peter Som, Rebecca Taylor, and Cynthia Steffe (okay, hers is more postwar prepubescent).

It's the high-waisted, above-the-knee coats, I think. Empire waists always make women look rather flat-chested, in my opinion, and when you pair it with an above-the-knee skirt--a skirt length suitable only for the youngest girls in Victorian times--and thick, curve-concealing fabrics, the overall effect is infantilizing. And creepy.

Sunday, February 06, 2005
Americans are Larger than Europeans, Continued
While reading Phoebe's notes on "The French Paradox" (or why Americans are heavier than Europeans), I was reminded of my ill-fated trip to H&M yesterday. Their clothing is not tailored for my (admittedly larger than average) American body. Nor are their adorable spring cloches built for my (admittedly larger than average) American head.

Saturday, February 05, 2005
Okay, Now You Really Suck
Maya Keyes comes out, and Alan Keyes kicks her out.

You know, a few days ago I was able to name a few things I respected about Alan Keyes. I respected that he loved his daughter although he didn't agree with her, and I respected that he spoke his mind*.

I think I've lost those few shreds of respect.

(BTW: kick a few bucks her way, okay?)

*Although before the news today, I thought there was the possibility that Keyes was faking it as part of his job as a deep cover secret agent for the CIA.

Friday, February 04, 2005
Some brief impressions of the State of the Union
--Dennis Hastert looked constipated through the entire address--even Cheney cracked a smile (or an approximation thereof) at times. Your party's in power! Be happy!

--Asbestos claims? Is that really such a big drain on our legal system? Shades of 2004's "steroids" sentence.

--Again, the Federal Homophobia Amendment gets a shoutout so the Christian Right (TM) won't revolt.

--Condi's indigo suit is really cute; Laura's looking sort of puffy lately.

--Bush outlines his plan for Social Security to go the way of the Edsel; Democrats boo. Apparently, we're starting to learn from Great Britain how an opposition party should act.

--John Kerry: Polite anger
--Hillary: Polite irritation
--Barack Obama: Polite academic skepticism.
--Joseph Biden: Taking notes--or was he doing the Washington Post crossword puzzle?

And finally, THE KISS!

POST-GAME SHOW: The Democratic Response

--Harry Reid is adorable--"birth tax" is brilliant. Nancy Pelosi? She's holding her eyes open a little too wide.

Has it really been that long? [Yes--ed.] Well, I got sick, and then my Internet connection died and I just fixed it, so...

Okay. Here are some updates:

THE VEGETARIAN EXPERIMENT: Ended last Thursday when I ate some "gyros" from BJ. Felt guilty about eating a mammal, but then realized that I care more about human rights than animal rights, and I'm more effective when I eat animals. I can't save the world.

Coming up... SOTU madness...