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Friday, February 04, 2005
Some brief impressions of the State of the Union
--Dennis Hastert looked constipated through the entire address--even Cheney cracked a smile (or an approximation thereof) at times. Your party's in power! Be happy!

--Asbestos claims? Is that really such a big drain on our legal system? Shades of 2004's "steroids" sentence.

--Again, the Federal Homophobia Amendment gets a shoutout so the Christian Right (TM) won't revolt.

--Condi's indigo suit is really cute; Laura's looking sort of puffy lately.

--Bush outlines his plan for Social Security to go the way of the Edsel; Democrats boo. Apparently, we're starting to learn from Great Britain how an opposition party should act.

--John Kerry: Polite anger
--Hillary: Polite irritation
--Barack Obama: Polite academic skepticism.
--Joseph Biden: Taking notes--or was he doing the Washington Post crossword puzzle?

And finally, THE KISS!

POST-GAME SHOW: The Democratic Response

--Harry Reid is adorable--"birth tax" is brilliant. Nancy Pelosi? She's holding her eyes open a little too wide.

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