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Monday, October 03, 2005
"The Most Brilliant Man I've Ever Met"
is, according to Bush's latest pick for the Supreme Court... Bush himself.

Now, I disagree with Scalia on pretty much everything, but at least he's actually his own man on the Court. And yes, Thomas does exhibit evidence of independent thought sometimes. And I can understand why Bush would want to appoint someone whose opinions are similar to his own. But a syncophant? And someone who has never been on the bench OR held high elected or appointed office (as in the case of Chief Justice Earl Warren, who had been previously been Governor of California, and rumored to contest Eisenhower in the Republican primaries)?

The President's supporters should hope that this is a stunt. Otherwise, George Bush has shown himself mentally unfit to be President, and no one in his Cabinet has the courage to play damage control.

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