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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Chicago Chick
There walks amongst us a distributor of Jack Chick tracts.

I saw two stacks of them at the front of the Reynolds' Club tonight, and thumbed through one of the tracts, "The Executioner"--relatively inoffensive, as it didn't invoke the Proctocols of the Elders of Zion or call the Pope the Antichrist*. Just a story about an asshole who goes to death row for murdering a guy but whose mother chooses to die in his place, and then "Accept Christ Now!" I actually didn't feel contaminated by bigotry after reading it.

But still, the appearance of conversion tracts among the art-show postcards and copies of the Maroon is a bit odd. Are students distributing these things? Probably not--that sort of thing is a bad cultural fit with our student population. It's probably some random religious zealot--unless Jack Chick Publications found out about the 2003 Scavhunt item "A Jack Chick tract castigating the University of Chicago" and decided to take revenge try and save our souls.

*Let's withhold judgment on Benedict XVI for now, okay?

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