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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Is the Party Over?
We've all seen the scenario where after a wild, drunken night of partying the protagonist wakes up with a hangover, a trashed apartment, and just when they think things can't get worse--they've got a stranger in their bed and they can't remember how they got there. Cut to an expression of Oh, shit, how the fuck did I get here?

Which may be what the saner members of the Republican Party are now feeling. First there's voter remorse--realizing that while George Bush (or that sixth shot of tequila) seemed like a great idea at the time, it was a mistake. Then comes the realization that the Christian Right they had in bed wasn't just sort of crazy, they're certifiable.

But will this lead moderate Republicans to more temperate ways--e.g., not getting into bed with everyone willing to support a certain economic policy? Not taking shot after shot of sickly-sweet platitudes?

Do frat boys become moderate drinkers?

I once noted in a course paper that political parties function almost as religions; neurological research indicates that people achieve similar states when participating n religious ceremonies as they do when under the influence of certain drugs. If a political party can become a religion, could it also become an addiction?

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