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Thursday, March 10, 2005
Creation of a Blog Think Tank?
I've realized I'm not effective at changing the world by myself through this blog. Yes, I'm linked to and complemented by fellow travelers, but I don't have the firepower to change the world by myself. Frankly, none of us in the left blogosphere do, even the famous ones--"Yglesias who?" is the response most non-bloggers would give to the question, "So, what do you think about Yglesias's last post on Social Security?"

So there's obviously a surplus of creative progressive voices without real power. On the other hand, there's a deficit of progressive think tanks and other ways of grooming young progressives.


Let's create think tanks.

Each town could have its own little blogging thinktank, comprised of a bunch of affiliated bloggers who meet for coffee or something every week and discuss politics. No, it's not the Brookings Institute. But it's more than we've got now.

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