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Monday, January 24, 2005
The Vegan Experiment is Dead. Long Live the Vegetarian Experiment!
The Vegan Experiment ended last night around midnight, when prompted by hunger pains I wolfed down a protein bar that I knew had milk solids in it. Screw giving up dairy--I don't have any ethical quandaries about dairy or eggs, and my body functions better with animal protein*. But since I do have unsettled ethics regarding the consumption of mammals and birds, I've decided to go ovo-lacto-(and perhaps pesco, as I don't think fish have moral agency)vegetarian until Thursday.

Lunch: One and one-half Boca Burgers with piece of Cheddar cheese, mixed greens with walnuts, tofu, olive oil and balsalmic vinaigrette, whole-grain bread, milk, coffee, Diet Pepsi

Mid-afternoon snack: Some kind of protein smoothie juice drink thing.

*Apparently this is partially hereditary: In his Commentaries, Pope Pius II notes that the common people of Scotland eat much meat and fish, but little bread or wine (in contrast to the common people of Italy). I'm predominantly of Irish and Scotch-Irish blood--I don't do well on high-carb regimiens.

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