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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Reason #101, 263 why limited monarchy is a Good Idea
Witness Prince Harry's fine sense of political acumen as he wears a Nazi costume to a fancy-dress party.

Now, I don't think this is an indication of anti-Semitism on the Prince's part--there's a certain style cachet to the uniforms of evil empires (witness the Sovietski catalog*). But a civilian without a government position can get away with this sort of thing--he's representing himself, not a nation. Besides, if my great-uncle were a well-known Nazi sympathizer, I'd try to distance myself from that sort of thing no matter what my position.

Sadly, Harry may become King of England (and Scotland, and Wales, and...) one day, as William's reluctance to lead a royal life is well-known. Yet William shows better political judgement than his brother, as shown by his choice of a "lion and leopard skin print top and tight black leggings" for the party. What? The Tudor men wore tights, and don't even get me started on Prince Albert's proclivities for tight white trousers without underwear (as documented in Victoria's diaries during their courtship).

*Although the USSR was only truly diabolically evil during Stalin's reign.

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