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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
From the New York Times
December 28, 2004
President calls for $100 million in tsunami relief; indicates more money may follow.

WASHINGTON--In an unprecedented address to the nation televised on Monday, President Gore called on Congress to immediately earmark one hundred million dollars for relief efforts in south and southeast Asia following Sunday's earthquake and tsunami.

"My fellow Americans--in the past few years, our nation has received more benefits from the Earth than it has for at least a century. By harvesting energy from the Sun and from the atom, we have created 100,000 new jobs and now produce 80% of the energy we consume. Nature has been good to us.

However, Nature has its dark side--we have seen devestation in Florida this past year, and now we see an even greater tragedy in Asia. Tens of thousands are dead; hundreds of thousands are now homeless.

Through our ingenuity and resources, we were able to rebuild most of the affected areas in Florida within a month. I believe we have an obligation to lend a hand to our fellow citizens of Earth in their rebuilding efforts. Therefore, I call upon Congress to pledge one hundred million dollars over the next three years to relief efforts in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and other affected countries."

Support is high among the American people for this grant; in a Roper poll, 65% of those surveyed indicated support for the President's proposal, with only 31% indicating disapproval. Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have expressed approval for aid, although some feel that the President is perhaps being "unrealistic" in the amount of aid.

Should the aid be granted, it will be (adjusting for inflation) the largest American foreign aid grant since the Marshall Plan.

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