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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Plus ca change...
I'm writing a paper on early modern English politics, and I'm so tempted to put anachronistic comparisons into the paper, which I won't--okay, I'm putting a sentence in about how Catholicism was Restoration England's version of the Red Menace and/or the Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy: a threat that scares the hell out of people even when demography and reason are against it. But I can't shake the feeling that early eighteenth-century elections feel like stories I've heard about mid-twentieth-century Chicago elections--bribery, patronage, recommendations from your landlord and your priest, and free booze.

And Michael Moore's getting into trouble for giving underwear to people who register to vote?
The only thing I could see pressing charges against him on would be sex discrimination, because I think a three-pack of men's white briefs may cost more than a three-pack of ramen noodles, depending on the brand of ramen.

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