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Monday, June 28, 2004
Temperature Rising
My parents, the physics correspondant, and I all went to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" yesterday. Now, very few people would expect Knoxville, TN to be a hotbed of Democratic activity--but the theater was packed, even with two screens playing the movie. The line to buy tickets stretched as far as I've ever seen a movie line in Knoxville. And that's on Sunday. On Friday the theater had sold out of tickets for the 7:50 showing by 4 pm and tickets for the 10:30 showing sold out soon after.

Remember, I'm talking about Knoxville here--the Republican base of Tennessee, a state which voted for some crazy Texan over a Democratic favorite son. I believe the Weinstein brothers must be having some choice words with the Disney brass right about now.

The movie itself? It started with that one night in November--it seems so long ago now, doesn't it--when we thought that Al Gore was going to be our next president. But we hadn't counted on just how nakedly and ruthlessly the Bush family would grab for money and power. Nor that the entire United States Senate was filled with wimps who wouldn't protest the Florida election results. I mean, I can understand John Edwards not protesting; he's from North Carolina. But what about Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein? What about an outgoing Democratic senator making one last stand? [Insert Goreian sigh here]

Hmmm. Maybe I should transfer my voter registration back to Tennessee. Maybe I should even show up in person, so that they actually count my vote.

At any rate, the movie was a brilliant piece of propaganda--brilliant in that it combined damning facts with emotional pulls. It better be nominated for Best Picture.

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