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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Why do conservatives find homosexuality so seductive?
From The New York Times, on reactions to MTV's new gay-centric network:
Mike Haley, a manager of gender issues with the Christian group Focus on the Family, said he worried that the network would encourage young people to think of themselves as gay, just as he said he did for 12 years. [emphasis added]

"You have a kid who is looking to fit in, and here you have a network that looks very inviting, very accepting, and this young kid is going to get a false representation of what homosexuality has to offer," Mr. Haley said. "I really am sad and fearful for these kids who are going to want to be as happy and as happy-go-lucky as Will is on 'Will & Grace.' "

Yes, teenagers are going to ignore their overwhelming desires for the opposite sex because they think shiny green shirts/mullets are cool.

The denial is just overwhelming.

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