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Sunday, May 16, 2004
WARNING--High-Pitched Squealing Ahead
I haven't been checking one of my e-mail accounts as often as I should, so it was only today that I found out who the Dean Dozen were. Among them: Barack Obama. Dean adds that "I will be on the trail with Barack soon".

[teenybopperblogging]OMG! This is going to be sooo cool! [Squeal] Will they appear at Hyde Park! OMG! Like, should I wear my anti-Ashcroft T-shirt, my "Take Back Tennessee" T-shirt, or my "Zero Tolerance for Zero Intelligence" with the Bush-like chimp T-shirt to the rally*? This is like soooo awesome! [Squeal][/teenybopperblogging]

Seriously--I remember in the "Concious Choice" interview with Obama that Obama noted that while he was a delegate for Carol Moseley-Braun (because she's a constituent), he really admired the Dean campaign. It's good to know there's no hard feelings for--wait, half-hearted support of a Quixotic campaign? That's the political equivalent of lending a neighbor a cup of sugar.

*I do, in fact, own all three of these T-shirts.

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