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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
This isn't the world I thought I woke up in; or, the banality of evil
Today I picked up a copy of the Chicago Maroon and begin skimming an article on a panel discussion about Brown v. Board of Education, noting that the lawsuit was actually a blend of lawsuits that the NAACP consolidated to form an all-out attack on segregated public education. Apparently:

The schools in Prince Edward County closed for five years instead of undergoing desegregation. While white chidren's parents created a private academy, blacks had to find another school system or find work. Now Blauvelt's school [in Prince Edward County] is 55 precent black and 45 percent white, and the state of Virginia [is] paying reparations for those years of school lost to most blacks in the area.

I'm a bit in shock from this--okay, that's an understatement, I was actually walking around in a daze when I read that. I mean, what the hell? I just don't comprehend this. Was our country really this infected with evil fifty years ago? And why the hell do people consider the fifties to be some sort of golden age?

I am really fucking disappointed in my species.

The bitches better pay reparations for Jim Crow--and pay hard. I want the courts to figure out the maximum dollar amount damages that they can inflict on states with segregation and then demand that money. And I'm not even going to benefit; hell, considering I live part of the year in Tennessee, I'm going to have to help pay for it. But whatever. There's no price too high for justice, and governments need to be shown that when they screw over their citizens, they will pay.

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