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Friday, May 28, 2004
June 16, 2005 [CNN] "On Wall Street today news of the draft has prompted a fall in the stocks of several youth-oriented retailers, including Hot Topic and Abercrombie and Fitch. On the upside, both snack-food giant Nabisco and health-food retailer General Nutrition Centers are on the upswing as analysts predict draft-eligible young people will soon be desperately trying to gain or lose enough weight to disqualify for military service."

June 17, 2005 [AP] Nation's Youth Coming Out--But Were They Ever In?
Nearly half of the 20,000 young people called by California draft boards have testified that they have homosexual or bisexual inclinations. Similar effects have been occuring around the country, with estimated rates as high as 80% in many major metropolitan areas. Even in areas less tolerant of homosexuality, such as Wheeling, West Virginia, over a third of those whose lottery numbers have been called have claimed to be homosexual or bisexual.

June 18, 2005 [MSNBC] "Breaking news--we've just been informed that the House of Representatives has passed an amendment to the Armed Services Uniform Code allowing open homosexuals to serve in the military by a margin of 430-5. The Senate is expected to pass the bill with similarly high margins this afternoon, as the only Senator who has been arguing against this amendment is Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania."

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