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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Captain's Blog, Scavdate .30
In the past twenty-four hours I have slept exactly two. However, our Road Trip team has a car. So it's all good.

Quick Recap:

This year's Obtainment of the List was actually fairly easy, but reliably geeky; it took the form of a game-theory question. Each team supplied one captain to stand in a circle and grab the list--but the first team to grab the list got 0 points, the second team got 5 points, and so on. We were the fourth team to grab the list--282 in all. Then came the Reading of the List, which was punctuated by Hoover's RA squealing whenever she figured out a road trip item.

Now all we needed was a road trip team and a car. See, one of the former captains of The Davin Reed Experience (back before it became Sophonisba does Gary) defected over to the FIST team and took his car with him. Bastard.

But that's all in the past; what matters now is the future. Come to the Quads from 11:30 to 3:00 this afternoon and Friday and eat a DRE, Ph.D Chicago-style hot dog. Or a DRE, Ph.D University of Chicago-style hot dog. We offer both kinds.

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