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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Blogger (TM) tries to emulate LiveJournal (TM)
Those of you with Blogger blogs have been subjugated to the new template--well, perhaps "subjugated" is too harsh a word. Perhaps the most obvious feature of the new template is the new graphical design of the template: it's gotten all rounded and stuff, a bit too "Blogging for Preschoolers" for my tastes. I appreciate the handy button for block quotes in the posting bit--but I harshly disapprove of the inability to view old posts in the same window. When I click "View Blog" I get directed to my webpage in another window--this messes up my stat counts, guys. Not cool.

Additionally, Blogger now has comments built-in in a sort of LiveJournal style: clicking the comments link directs you to a new page where you must either sign in or post as "anonymous". Now, I've been using since I've had comments up, and they've been working pretty well in the commonly-accepted pop-up style.

Finally, Blogger wants me to fill out a profile. Sure, fine, whatever--so I filled out what everyone can deduce just from reading the page, skipping the Friendster/LiveJournal/TheFacebook-esque "favorite books, movies..." parts where you can find out just how many other Blogger users listed The Agony and the Ecstasy as one of their favorite novels.

Memo to Blogger: Many of us who use you instead of LiveJournal use you because you're perceived as more journalism-focused than the community-oriented LiveJournal. I'm just saying.

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