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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
The sweet, sweet sound of geometric regressions
Gapers' Block had me there for a minute. Well, actually five minutes--the five minutes I spent looking up the nonexistent website they list for The Cursors, America's newest mathcore band, then searching for their album I, Pythagoras on, then searching for another reviewed album, Smoke'em If You Got'em, by The Reservoir Tips (sponsored by Parliament Cigarettes)--before I realized it was a hoax. A very cruel hoax. As a math major, I'm always looking for new beats that I can use to finish off yet another problem set--Sylow groups this week, ugh--and really, there haven't been any good math-based songs since 2ge+her's "Calculus". I mean, this album would have been the biggest thing to hit the math department since Proof filmed here.

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