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Thursday, April 01, 2004
Pink Scare

According to the Chicago Tribune
, Merrillville High School in Merrillville, Indiana, is asking its students not to wear the color pink:

District Supt. Tony Lux distributed a letter to students Wednesday in which he "discouraged" them from wearing pink because of concerns that it has gang and rap music overtones.

Although Lux said dressing in pink could be "suspicious behavior," he emphasized the color wasn't banned.


[Principal] Sperling said he was stumped by the sudden increase in all those pink-clad teenage boys.

"Normally, boys don't wear pink. ... Most parents of boys don't go out and buy them pink shirts," he said. "I'm becoming aware that it's becoming a color this spring."

Okay, what's the underlying reason for this "pink scare"? Is it:
A. The fact that Cam'ron wears pink in one of his music videos (which Merrillville students cite as the reason for pink's new popularity);
B. The fact that pink is traditionally seen as a "girly" color, and therefore high school boys wearing pink is threatening to traditional gender roles (but girls were also stopped for wearing pink);
C. Pink gives the police superintendant a headache;
D. The police superintendant has zero knowledge of fashion (maybe he should go on "Queer Eye");
E. Wait a minute. The story's dated April 1? Is this an April Fool's Joke? (The sad thing is that it seems plausible).


UPDATE: Pandagon is on the case and deconstructs it far better than I could.

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