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Saturday, April 17, 2004
[WARNING: The following post is centered around intra-blog gossip and Web page design. You've been warned.]

Those of my readers who read TAPped have already noticed the lovely redesign of the website--dark grey background with a scarlet foreground; "West Wing"-esque font, sharp angles, little tab thingys. Very nice. (For more details, the style sheet's here.)

About a week ago, I was posessed--by what, I'm not sure--to visit Instapundit (I haven't visted the Instalinker for ages--it's all 80% other people, anyway) and I found he as well had gotten a new design. (Style sheet here) And it's eerily similar to TAPped.

So I wondered to myself if they had the same designer. Reynolds credits for Instapundit's design--their clientele seems to be a veritable bipartisan blogroll, from Drezner to Calpundit. TAPped, however, is not among their clientele. Naturally, being a print magazine, they would have an in-house design studio, as their masthead shows. But the real interest in the The American Prospect masthead is in the names of the people attached to the magazine--John Kenneth Galbraith's a founding sponsor and Cass Sunstein is a "contributing editor", which I'm guessing mean he writes the occasional piece in between teaching, books, and generally being a public intellectual.

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