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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
You'd think evolution would have gotten rid--oh, wait.
Rhea County, TN, most famous for the "Scopes Monkey Trial", is trying to ban gays and lesbians from living within the county limits.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that there are some people around who just dropped in from an alternate universe where the United States is a theocracy or something. Either that or someone's trying to run for higher office and wants the free publicity, plus all of the dimbulb votes.

(Link via The Klute)

UPDATE: Notice to everyone in Blogaria: Will you quit it with the Tennessee bashing already? Our state Supreme Court knocked down our anti-sodomy laws before Lawrence v. Texas, okay?

Rhea County bashing is of course fair game. In fact, maybe they should set up their own little country. Wait, then someone's kid will turn out gay and be stoned to death. That's not good.

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