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Saturday, March 13, 2004
Well, there's some market...
I've been hard on gender studies majors in the past--everyone has, I think. It seems like an impractical, ultra-theoretical discipline, and you can't even get a job at a museum or a high school with it (the de facto options for art history and classics majors). But our society's greater acceptance of transgendered, intersexed, and genderqueer persons, to say nothing of gays and bisexuals, now means that institutions (government, universities, and businesses) are now going to have to grapple with what makes a man a man, what makes a woman a woman, and how we're going to explain all of that to our son daughter's fifth-grade teacher.

Here come... gender consulting firms? On-call gender consultants for insurance companies, single-sex colleges, and state governments? Not to mention the grammer geeks--we really need to figure out what set of neutral-gender pronouns and honorifics to use for those who prefer not to assume a gender.

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