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Sunday, March 14, 2004
Public Service Announcement
So you're all pumped up to vote, right? Yeah, give me the ballot, check "Obama", give Dean a condolence vote... wait, where do I vote? You can check your registration info there, where your polling place is, and a sample ballot.

Plus, if you're a U of C student, and you vote in the primaries, save your stub for a chance to win great door prizes at the ACLU's Primary Party, 10 PM in the Bartlett lounge. There will be food and "The Simpsons".

(By the way, if you live at Breckinridge Hall, your polling place is Bret Harte Elementary School, 1556 E. 56th, near Piccolo Mondo.)

UPDATE: If you registered to vote "in person" (e.g., there was a voter registrar of some sort helping you fill stuff out) you need to bring one piece of ID with your signature on it (like a library card or a credit card) or your voter registration card. If you registered to vote through the mail, through "moter voter", or through the Internet, you need to bring one photo ID and one of the following: utility bill, credit card, library card, social security card. (Thanks to Emily Alpert.)

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