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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
All the cool kids are doing it
I got a 21 on the Libertarian Purity Test, indicating that I really don't care much about property rights as long as poor kids don't get screwed over*. Which I suppose is one of the problems with my restaurant-regulation scheme below: I'm okay on some level with an adult freely choosing to eat at Gary's Salmonella-Infested Rat Shack, but what if they bring their kids along? In sum, I think libertarianism is aesthetically pleasing (Heinlein makes it look so logical and pretty!), but when it comes to the kids, I'm an economic nanny-stater.

*I must confess to having answered yes to one of the five-point questions, the one regarding vigilante justice--but isn't that just a code word for revolution? That being said, whoever answers yes to privatizing the law... [slowly backing away, moving for the door]

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