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Monday, February 23, 2004
People who didn't vote for Arnold
From the NYTimes:

The governor told Tim Russert, the host of "Meet the Press," that when he was in San Francisco on Friday, "all of a sudden we see riots and we see protests and we see people clashing. The next thing we know is there's injured or there's dead people."

The San Francisco police have reported no violence related to the same-sex marriage certificates. Hallye Jordan, a spokeswoman for Bill Lockyer, the California attorney general, suggested that Mr. Schwarzenegger might have confused his visit to San Francisco with "part of his next movie."

"There is no public safety emergency and we disagree with the governor's use of that type of rhetoric," Ms. Jordan said.

I've found myself thinking that Mayor Newsom picked this moment in history to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses precisely because he knew that many people, both in California and in the rest of the country, don't really take Governor Schwartzenegger seriously. I'm trying here, I really am--I mean, my former Senator, Fred Thompson, is currently one of the stars of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. So there's nothing wrong with being an actor and then going into politics. It's just that I'd prefer my actor-politicians to have played more, er, cerebral roles in the past. You know, like Jesse Ventura's turn as a Man in Black on an episode of The X-Files.

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