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Sunday, February 15, 2004
George W. Bush: Statesman and Scholar
Belle of John and Belle Have A Blog has linked to a William Saletan article on Bush's, shall we say, Platonic view of reality. I'd have to say that this idea holds some merit, but I feel that Bush's actions in Iraq bear an even greater debt to Thomas More:

"As soon as war is declared, therefore, they [the Utopians] have their secret agents simultaneously post many placards, each marked with their official seal, in the most conspicuous places throughout enemy territory. In these proclamations they promise immense rewards to anyone who will do away with the enemy prince. They offer smaller but still substantial sums for killing any of a list of other individuals whom they name. These are the persons whom they regard as most responsible, after the prince, for plotting agression against them."

Has George W. Bush read Utopia?

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