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Monday, February 09, 2004
A Beautiful, Beautiful Browser
Mozilla Firefox. Download it now. Yes, it's version 0.8, but trust me--this is one sweet browsing experience, and you can always keep your old Mozilla (as well as Internet Explorer, which I've mostly stopped using due to some gremlin which has permanently set my IE homepage to some seedy "search" site) in case this baby breaks down.

First off, and this is the new feature you're probably going to notice first, you can customize your toolbars. Theoretically you can do this on IE, but it's not something you notice right away. Here you'll notice--go to "Toolbars" and it's right there. Firefox starts you off with a fairly clean slate--just the standard directionals, home, a Google toolbar, and a bunch of Mozilla linkage--so I immediately started putting in tools and bookmarks.

(NOTE: If you start adding stuff, and you don't see it on the toolbar right away, don't fret--just open up a new browser window, and it'll pop up. Seems like there's a bit of a bug w/ this version [still a beta] in Windows. But it's still more bug-free than most of the stuff Microsoft puts out as the "finished" product.)

Now comes the best feature--the tabs. It's the perfect tool for a blogger. You know how Blogger's "Blog This!" feature gives you a little window for your blogging pleasure? Here I just center-click (e.g. click the scroll button, or right-click then select from menu) onto my Blogger link and I get a full-sized Blogger window--within the same Windows window. I am freed from the tiny window of "Blog This!", freed from picking out the right Mozilla window from my mass of collapsed Mozilla windows in the Start toolbar. I switch from subwindow to subwindow with ease.

Here's the link again.

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