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Monday, January 26, 2004
Maureen Gets Results?
A while ago I noted that the Justice Department had dropped the registration requirement for young men from Muslim countries; in a footnote I remarked that a low-key registration requirement for all non-citizens living in this country could be an option. Turns out, according to a man I know at the U of C, that may be what's happening--his wife, a Dutch citizen, was called and questioned by some government officials.

I haven't heard anything on the news about this, so I'm rather concerned--wouldn't it be better public relations for this to be publicized? Perhaps they can use the money that some in Congress had probably earmarked to promote the Ronald Reagan dime and have a PSA with a more formal version of "Hey, if you're a resident alien or here on an extended-period visa, expect a call from the DHS in the next few weeks just to say 'hey, 'sup, what's your addy, thanx, bye' and then, y'know, we'll be sending you a postcard every year just to confirm your address."

(Cliche alert) Developing...

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