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Saturday, January 24, 2004
I want one
Howard Dean Gets Action Figure (Link via Tapped)

The action figure doesn't really look like Dean--unless it's Dean after he goes to the Bahamas for a month and gets a really good tan. And I'm not sure that the governor of Vermont would wear a Confederate flag T-shirt, but the company ( also sells alternate outfits for your action figure, including a rather natty looking suit.

But on the whole, I'm really excited about the possibilities that this action figure brings. During high school, one of the most frequently used media for special projects was movies starring various action figures, Barbie dolls, and stuffed animals. I especially remember a movie telling the story of Cesare Borgia's switch from the Pisan Army to the Florentine Army starring Lorenzo de Medici as a teddy bear and narrated by Pikachu; an excellent film in both plot and technique. So, for a while I've been wanting to see a Texas-style cage match between Howard Dean and George W. Bush, mostly because I think that Dean would kick Bush's ass back to Crawford. This belief of mine is justified because:
1. Dean was a wrestler in high school. Bush was a cheerleader. Unless male cheerleaders learned backflips and other semi-karate-esque moves, Bush is toast.
2. Dean has The Rage™

So now, with the help of, we may all soon be able to see some old-school Democrat-on-Republican ass-kicking.


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