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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Dammit, I Didn't Even Get A Chance to Create A Meme!
The Big Turning Point in the Sullivan drama

Now all that's left is to start betting on when Sullivan declares his support for Bush over (which is far from synonymous with even voting for the Democratic candidate). I'm 95% sure he'll announce it before the Democratic National Convention, and if Edwards or Kerry is the candidate he'll definitely declare before then, probably around March-April--hell, he may even advise those in swing states to vote for Edwards. If the candidate's Dean or Clark--depends on how both of them act during the next few months; Sullivan seemed receptive to Dean at one point before Dean started the hardcore Iowa pandering, and it's pretty difficult to claim that a general wouldn't be good on defense.
Part of me's almost tempted to say that Sullivan'll bolt sometime in February, but remembering that Sullivan's sabbatical last August was taken in part to reflect upon his affiliation with President Bush, I'd say that he'll take some time to reflect on things.

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