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Friday, January 09, 2004
Billions and Billions... of Dollars
I think even Carl Sagan would agree that Bush's sudden enthusiasm for space exploration is extravagant--he was always more of a SETI guy anyways. But considering the very real needs of America today, couldn't one hundred... billion... dollars be spent on something a little more practical? We could provide full college scholarships for at least 800,000 high school seniors. We could completely overhaul America's public elementary and secondary schools. Or we could provide health insurance for every child in America. And if these suggestions sound too "lib-rul" for the President, may I suggest saving Social Security and Medicare so his daughters' generation won't be burdened with tax burdens rivaling France (but without the benefits of universal health care and free universities)?

Or we could put the money into what had seemed to be Bush's main priority--the War on Terrorism. Wait a minute--I've just been informed (by a source close to the President whose name and title I have agreed not to disclose) that the war on terror is no longer a top priority now that we've captured Saddam. Well--that's good news, that we've won the war on terror, although I had thought that we wouldn't have won until we got Osama Bin Laden's head on a stick.

But anyways, I'm glad that the President now feels that we've successfully eradicated global terrorism. It now means that there's really no reason why we must endure the more draconian parts of the PATRIOT Act any longer, and I feel certain that the President, being a man of vision (as shown by his new goal of Mars) and integrity (I mean, that's why he was, erm, elected, because people thought he had integrity, right?), will immediately call upon Congress to draft a bill which excises these parts of the Act.

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