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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
At, Not A Peep
Dean Edges Out Sharpton In D.C. Protest Primary (

That's right. I had to go to the Washington Post to get this. Even though it's actually sort of important; conventional wisdom had held that since Dean really didn't have much of a record with black voters, he wouldn't win Washington, DC. Of course, this conventional wisdom was forgetting two rather important points:

1. The conventional wisdom is not a good prognosticator when it comes to Howard Dean
2. Was D.C. really going to pin its hopes of voting rights on Carol Moseley Braun, Dennis Kucinich, or Al Sharpton?

That's right, you read correctly. Only Dean and the Don Quixote Three were in the D.C. primary; apparently the rest of the candidates "opted out". As apparently, so did CNN.

UPDATE: 12:09 CST, and still nothing from CNN, nor from Blog For America.

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