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Friday, November 21, 2003
Quick blogging from the Reg: I'm happy to report that the first floor restrooms have been remodeled, and they are beautiful--aesthetically, they rival the Classics (2nd floor) and Eckhart (2nd floor) restrooms, and the lighting's certainly better. (Although Classics and Eckhart still win points for the old-school wooden doors). Although there's one feature which Sara of Diotima will probably take issue with--when passing by the men's room, I noticed that they had a baby changing table installed. I did not see one yet installed in the women's room. I'm guessing that the crew ran out of time on the installations (there's a bar where I'm guessing the table'll be mounted in the women's room), and decided to put political correctness over probability. I'm amused, although it should be noted that I'm not affected by this decision and thus may enjoy an indulgent chuckle at the University's expense. Of course, when the gender-neutral bathroom is installed at the Reg, that problem will be solved. Or will it?

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