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Monday, November 17, 2003
I'm not really sure this is the best system...

Apparently Chicago now has a blogmap that corresponds to the various El and Metra lines running around the city and environs. Which is great; Chicago needs a blogmap. Except... the thing is that when you live in Chicago, you don't identify yourself by train stop the way that, say, New Yorkers do. You identify yourself by your neighborhood (maps vary; there's a bitching poster that details 220 neighborhoods, but they won't allow closer views on the website. This one looks pretty accurate, except I'd label Grand Avenue and/or Douglas as Bronzeville, at least in parentheses, and I can't seem to find Andersonville.)

Right, back to what I was saying: Chicago blogging needs to be mapped out by neighborhood, not by train stop. An example: the U of C fiefdom campus is large enough such that it's possible to be closest to three different train stops--55th/56th/57th and 59th on the Metra Electric Line, and (if you live in Burton-Judson Courts) 63rd and Cottage Grove on the Green Line. But we can pretty much agree that most, if not all, of the U of C blogs can be labeled as headquartered in Hyde Park.*

*Yes, I know that everything south of the Midway is technically in Woodlawn, but it's all University-controlled. Kind of like how the Aquitaine was technically in France, but ruled by Henry/Eleanor/Richard, who all also happened to be King, Queen, and Prince of England.

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