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Monday, November 10, 2003
Extra! Extra! Tony-winning playwright and U of C graduate revealed as writer of dirty Jane Austen parody!

After clicking through what Austentatious promised would be exerpts from the Jane Austen parody Pride and Promiscuity* (link via CS), I couldn't find anything--so like any good twenty-first century cheapskate, I Googled the title to see if there were exerpts lying around in the cache. (It's a great way of trying to find old NYTimes articles). After clicking through a few sites, one of which mentioned that one of the authors was actually "a prizewinning playwright in New York City whose identity I guessed at once, but promised not to reveal", I found an listing that listed one David Auburn as one of the writers. Hmm, that name sounded familiar. Could it be...

Yes. David Auburn, writer of the play/upcoming feature film "Proof". University of Chicago alumnus. His name's on the UK edition, but he's listed as "Dennis Ashton" on the US edition.

I wonder if Gwyneth knew about this...

*I'm trying to see how much damage has been done to the Canon. Really.

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