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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Proof Update: This is public knowledge at the U of C, but it may not have filtered down to the Internet yet: For a funeral scene (held at Rockefeller Memorial, natch) the producers want extras to wear "somber" clothing, but not black. My guess--they want Gwyneth to be the only one in black, as a symbol of her deep mourning. Also--among other mathematics professors and students, Mathematics Department Undergraduate head Paul Sally will make an appearance in the film. You'll be able to spot him right away--he has an eye patch and an artificial leg. Really.

More choreographed "random walking" shots today in front of Harper that onlookers were shooed away from. On an unrelated note, as they were filming, the 2003 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics (he's with Argonne National Laboratory, does that count as a U of C affiliation?) was holding his press conference in the Reynolds Club. Yes, even at Chicago, Gwyneth Paltrow outranks Nobel Laureates. At least to a certain extent among the undergrad population.

UPDATE: According to Will Baude of Crescat Sententia, Alexei Abrikosov did teach here in 1996--that's enough for bragging rights. 76 Nobel Prize Winners--eat it, Harvard.

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