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Monday, September 01, 2003
Yesterday, I was at Wal-Mart, silently condemning the administration's cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia and Americans' reluctance to forego consumer goods as a form of protest; I was thinking of the millions of diamond engagement rings bought in America during South African apartheid. Then I suddenly realized my hypocrisy--I was doing this in a Wal-Mart, a store which I know very well has rabidly anti-union policies, discriminates against women and minorities, and generally screws over its employees. "But what can I do?" I asked myself. "I haven't heard of any boycotts against Wal-Mart." So I decided to blog on the supposed lack of Wal-Mart boycotts, but I took a quick look on Google to see if there were any such boycotts in place. Turns out there are organized Wal-Mart boycotts around the country, and even better:

On November 21st, union workers, civil rights advocates, and other assorted folk will assemble at Wal-Marts across the country and protest. I don't think that I'll be near a Wal-Mart then--Chicago has stayed Wal-Mart free so far--but I've decided to start my protest early, and I'd like all of you to join me: I'm boycotting Wal-Mart in earnest and I'm switching to Target. Apparently the only people boycotting Target are veterans' groups because Target wouldn't give money to veterans' causes--compared to every other corporation in America, that seems pretty tame.

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