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Friday, August 01, 2003
I read two reviews of the new "Sisters of Magdalene" movie (in Salon and NYTimes) today; the movie's about the Irish Church's virtual enslavement of sexually suspect girls during the mid-to-late twentieth century. And it made me more ashamed to have given money to the Catholic Church, if more shame is even possible after my former bishop was found to be a child molester, recent stories about the Vatican's inaction during the Holocaust... yeah, yeah, you know the rest.

And the Vatican still thinks it has any moral authority? A few days ago the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith released its plea to Catholic politicians to vote against recognition of same-sex marriages. I don't see anything immoral in a loving same-sex relationship, but I understand that many people do. Okay. But I think that even those who view homosexual conduct as sinful would agree that rape, enslavement, or letting people be murdered when you're in a position to stop it are all far worse.

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