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Monday, July 28, 2003
I'm pleased to report that the new Todd Oldham home collection at Target is actually, well, cute. He's focused less on circa-1950s "team spirit" and more on 1950s-60s swank, and the colors actually somewhat coordinate. (I'm not big on the navy/plum/lime main scheme, but it's better than orange/red/baby blue/navy.) This has me wonder: Is this new collection actually the product of Minneapolis (home of Target)-based blogger/ Target addict James Lileks? The light-up 'lounge' sign feels like it could have been lifted from the Institute, but on second thought, there are too many similarities to last year's Todd Oldham Dorm Room collection. Maybe Target HQ just told Oldham "for the love of God, could you please make this year's color scheme palatable to the non-color-blind? If this collection tanks, you're outta here."

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