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Sunday, June 01, 2003
I had never thought it would happen here:

1. There have been accusations from one of the unions that represents workers at the U of C hospitals that hospital administration is trying to disrupt union activity. A piece appeared in the Chicago Maroon on Friday about the controversy--and now, according to some labor activists here, all of the copies of the Maroon at the hospital have "disappeared".

These are Wal-Mart tactics. They should not be used by any branch of a great university allegedly committed to freedom of expression, and I'm surprised they're happening in Chicago.

2. Tonight at Bartlett: Sunday Dinner Special: Freedom Toast Sticks.
I spoke to one of the cashiers about it, figuring that it was a joke, but a supervisor noticed and began complaining about how the French didn't support us in the last war. Again, may I just say that this kind of thing is demeaning to the University?*

*If it's not done in jest, that is.

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