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Friday, May 02, 2003
I feel old:

Some said that at 9 years old, Sho Yano was too young for college. Then he graduated in three years. Summa cum laude. This June, the shy 12-year-old, who speaks barely above a whisper, will defy the skeptics once again when he becomes perhaps the youngest student to enroll in a medical school. He has been awarded a full scholarship to the University of Chicago.

Wow. Wowie wow wow wow.

I have no doubt that the kid can handle the work; he was evaluated twice as much as any of the other applicants. I'm just not sure about how he'll do with the social scene. I mean, he'll probably be the first graduate student in University of Chicago history who can't* go into Jimmy's during his stint.

Oh, well. At least he'll be able to go to the Lab Schools' middle school dances.

*I speak, of course, regarding the period when Jimmy's has been open, and purely on a legalistic basis; there have been countless U of C grad students who have not entered Jimmy's for religious or other reasons.

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