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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Well, the start of 24/7 quiet will be at 11:00 pm CST as we all convene silently in our rooms and the Reg in study and solitude during Reading Period, the Weekend of Study, and Finals Week.

When we don't have work, review sessions, house dinners, movie night, and other diversions, that is.

On an unrelated note: Question of the day: Is the House (of Representitives) cafeteria now going to call French Onion Soup "Freedom Onion Soup"? Does the House cafeteria even serve French Onion Soup? Just wondering.

It's kind of pitiful what people will do do feel like a "big man"... I mean, that Representitive is chair of a b.s. committee. Will he be re-elected? Probably not. The Democrats can just mention "Freedom Fries" at all their campaign junkets and he'll be laughed out of office.

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