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Sunday, March 23, 2003
Sorry about the long, long absence of any posts--but really, are you going to count on me for your war news? Of course not. Go click on one of the links on the left for war updates; I really have nothing to say that isn't on Yglesias, Reynolds, or Lileks. (Please bear in mind that unlike these fine gentlemen, I was (and am) still against this war. But I figure that we can't back out now, so we may as well kick some ass, take some names, and leave Iraq a better place then when we came. Oh, and there had better be evidence of WoMDs. If not, our credibility is going down the toilet. Not that I particularly care about GWB's cred, but....)

Question of the Day:
Is Colin Powell in the Adlai Stevenson (during the Cuban Missile Crisis) role? That is, is Colin Powell being presented incorrect evidence linking Saddam to Al-Qaeda? I personally have a very hard time believing that Saddam and Osama are in bed together, but stranger things have happened, do happen, and will happen.

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