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Wednesday, February 05, 2003
Sorry about the delay; school, work, etc. are conspiring against the blog. But anyways...

Maybe I should write a guide to leftists looking to actually, you know, not alienate the rest of America. I see some of these people and start beating my head against a wall.

On Lileks today Lileks is ranting about the Green Party response to the SotU... and I agree that the response is... how do I say... okay. The response feels like it was written by a freshman activist at a second-tier state university. Remember the West Wing episode "The Fall's Gonna Kill You" where Sam attacks a speech written by congressional Democratic staffers: "This sounds like it was written by a high school girl". That's what I'm feeling.

However, Lileks misses something when he 'defends' our support of Saddam during the '80's: We were the ones who gave Saddam the nerve gas that killed the Kurds. I've heard reports that the unedited version of Iraq's declaration of all their weapons listed companies that manufactured the nerve gases that were used--but most of the Security Council won't get to see this version. (Gee, I wonder if some of these companies were American.) There's a difference between giving the Soviets trucks and giving Saddam Sarin gas.

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